Frequently Asked Questions​

Do I need to book for a piercing?

Most piercings do not require an appointment. The only piercings you need to book for are genital piercings. To book an appointment​ please get in touch with me via Facebook or Instagram.

I think there’s something wrong with my piercing. What should I do?

Pop in and get it checked! It’s so much easier to give advice if I can see the piercing in person. Whatever problem you may have I will be able to help.

What age do you pierce children from?

I pierce children’s lobes from the age of 7 (with parental/guardian consent). For any other age restriction enquiries related to specific piercings please message on Facebook or Instagram.

Does it hurt?

This is a very difficult questions to answer. Everyone is different and people’s pain thresholds vary. It’s impossible to to say whether one piercing is more painful than another. All I can say is it’s very quick and I try my absolute best to make every piercing a positive experience.

Do you pierce using a gun?

I am proud to say that I do not pierce using guns. All piercings are carried out using single use sterile needles.

Can I have my nose pierced with a ring straight away?

I don’t use rings in nostril piercings initially. I find they heal better with studs and only recommend rings in fully healed piercings. The only piercings I would use a ring for initially are Daith, Smiley and Septum.

Can I go swimming?

I don’t recommend swimming until your piercing is fully healed. Pools, hot tubs, the sea and lakes all contain bacteria and/or chemicals which may irritate your piercing or cause infection.

Should I twist or rotate my jewellery while my piercing is healing?

No. This aftercare advice is out of date. Rotating your jewellery will irritate the wound and spread bacteria. I also don’t recommend touching healing piercings at all.

Should I use antiseptic solutions, soap, TCP or surgical spirit to clean my piercing?

No. Chemicals will burn/irritate your piercing and cause redness and swelling. When you come in for a piercing I will talk you through my full aftercare advice and you will get a leaflet to take away with you.

How long will my piercing take to heal?

There is no set answer to this. Average healing times can vary from 8 weeks to over a year depending on the piercing and personal circumstances. Feel free to message me for more advice on your specific healing time. 

Can I bring my own jewellery to get pierced with?

To ensure your safety I will only pierce with jewellery I have sourced and sterilised myself.

Any tips for my first piercing?

Make sure you have something to eat before you come in to keep your sugar levels up. And try not to get worked up and nervous, it’s never as bad as you imagine.

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